How to pick the right size harness? Measuring your dog and adjusting the harness.
You can read more about selecting the correct size, measuring your dog or adjusting the harness, if you click here!
What size patch should I pick for my product? Large or small?
Please check out our patch guide by clicking here!
Can a dog get out of the harness?
It may be possible for your dog to get out of its harness. However, this predominantly depends on the person at the other end of the leash. If your dog tries to back up, do not pull on the leash. If you do not pull on the leash and have a pressure distributor on the harness, it is almost impossible to get out of the harness. 
Do you offer discounts for veterans/law enforcement officers/military/etc.?
For more information please check out this page!
I did not receive my order yet!
If the tracking number says that your package was delivered, ask your neighbors if they might have it and check with your local post office. Unfortunately we have no influence on USPS when it comes to delivering the package to the right person. If your tracking number does not show anything or you do not have a tracking number, please contact us!  
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