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10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Puppy

10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Puppy


Puppies are absolutely adorable but owning one can be a challenge. Here are 10 things you should keep in mind before getting a puppy.

1. A dog is for life

Don’t get a puppy if you are just going to get bored of them and leave them in a shelter or give up because “it’s difficult” to own one. A dog will love you unconditionally every single day. There may be times when they don’t listen and chew your shoes but training takes time, patience, and love.

2. Meal planning is important

Puppies are usually fed a couple of times a day in small amounts. If you start training them, reward them with dog treats and the amount you gave, subtract it from their daily meal. Make sure to ask your veterinarian about the amount and type of food you should be feeding your pup to make them healthy and strong.

3. Teething

Puppies begin teething around three weeks, which isn’t a painful process but your puppy could feel discomfort in their jaw. To ease the discomfort, they will want to chew on anything so to prevent that from happening give them a soft chew toy that is specifically designed for this.

4. Walking is important

Before you take your puppy on their first walk in a public place they must have all of their vaccinations at around 16 weeks so they don’t catch anything. Most importantly, there will be many things that will be new to your pup like a collar, harness, leash, and the busy city life. Make sure that you make them feel comfortable, which can take time so be patient with them and don’t force anything.

5. Dogs get dirty

Don’t be surprised when you take your pup on a walk on a rainy day that they will jump straight into the mud. They are curious little creatures that love to play and experience new things. Dogs get dirty so feel free to have a towel that is just for them to wipe their paws before entering the house.

6. Grooming

Grooming keeps them fresh and healthy! You can take them to a dog groomer who will cut their nails, clean their ears, and trim their fur if needed. If you decide to do all those at home, remember NOT to use hair dryers for humans because that can harm them and only wash them with dog shampoo.

7. Vet bills are expensive

When they are a puppy they will need to go on checkups and get vaccinated, which can get expensive especially if they get sick or injured. So keep in mind that you will have to have money set aside if there is an emergency.

8. Puppy proof your home

Puppies love to explore especially when they have time alone in the house so lock cabinets that contain food or medications, toxic chemicals and keep houseplants high, where they can’t reach them.

9. Harness for your pup!

It can be difficult trying to find a harness for a small puppy like a Chihuahua or Yorkie but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Our IDC® Powerharness Baby 1 size is made for puppies from 2-7 pounds and they come in many colors and designs! Or check out our IDC®Longwalk Y-Harness because for some dog breeds that will even fit!

10. Mental stimulation is important

When you don’t give your dog attention, they can get bored and they tend to turn to destructive behavior like chewing on your shoes or furniture. Try getting them an interactive dog puzzle to keep them entertained or start working on some basic training.

Sometimes puppies will annoy you, irritate you but they are babies, they will learn and slowly adjust to the new surroundings, family, and rules so be patient. Puppies grow really fast so cherish the moment and take many photos and videos!