Do you work with service dogs, police dogs, or guide dogs? We make multiple professional dog harnesses that work well for all of these purposes and more. Throughout our many years of designing and manufacturing our working dog harnesses, we’ve perfected our products’ functionality. Our professional dog harnesses are made with materials such as nylon and polypropylene for incredible durability while remaining lightweight. Julius-K9®’s harness designs are also maximized for your dog’s mobility. Our harnesses are made with interchangeable patches so that you can easily add a customized name tag for your dog, too. Shop our line of working dog harnesses today for a solution that fits your and your dog’s needs.

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Julius-K9® IDC® Powerharness
  • From $34.99
Julius-K9® IDC® Powair harness
  • From $39.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Color & Gray® Belt Harness
  • From $39.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Longwalk Harness
  • From $79.99
Limited Edition IDC® Powerharness
  • From $64.99
Julius-K9® IDC® Stealth Powerharness
  • $89.99
Julius-K9® IDC® Stealth® Powerharness with Cobra®buckles
  • $159.99

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Julius-K9 IDC® Side Bags for IDC® Powerharness
  • From $36.99
Julius-K9 Mantrailing Dog Harness
  • $139.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Guide Dog Harness
  • $89.99
Julius-K9 Rappelling & Carrying Harnes
  • $299.99
Guide Dog Handle 17.7 IN
  • $49.99