Unleash your furry friend's inner adventurer! Our innovative design guarantees that your pet will be free to frolic around with ease. And that's not all - our professional harnesses come with customizable patches so that you can add a personal touch effortlessly. Explore our collection of harnesses today and find the perfect solution for you and your loyal companion.

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Julius-K9® IDC® Powerharness
  • $34.99
  • From $17.49
Julius-K9® IDC® Powair harness
  • From $39.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Color & Gray® Belt Harness
  • From $39.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Longwalk Harness
  • From $79.99
Limited Edition IDC® Powerharness
  • From $79.99
Julius-K9® IDC® Stealth Powerharness
  • $89.99
Julius-K9® IDC® Stealth® Powerharness with Cobra®buckles
  • $159.99

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Julius-K9 IDC® Side Bags for IDC® Powerharness
  • From $36.99
Julius-K9 Mantrailing Dog Harness
  • $139.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Guide Dog Harness
  • $89.99
Guide Dog Handle 17.7 IN
  • $39.99
Julius-K9 Rappelling & Carrying Harnes
  • $299.99