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JULIUS-K9® is a European company which has been in the dog equipment business since 1997.

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Julius-K9 Original Custom Patch, 1 Piece
  • From $11.99
Julius-K9® IDC® Powerharness
  • From $34.99
Julius-K9 Interchangeable Hook & Loop Patches, 1 Pair
  • From $9.99
blue idc powair harness
Julius-K9® IDC® Powair harness
  • From $39.99

It's Powerharness

A high-quality dog harness manufactured in Europe from German materials.

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This is the second harness I purchased. Wouldn’t be able to handle 2 big dogs at the same time without them. Our vet asked about their harnesses and now recommends them.

Shelly M.

I love this K9 collars they are very heavy duty as all their products I bought several of their harnesses and one of their bite absolutely love the quality keep up the great work and I’ll keep coming back for more equipment”

David M.

The harness is amazing! So comfortable and easy to put on my bulldog! I love the handle too. It helps us maneuver him because he’s too heavy to pick up. And the custom patches are so beautiful and well-crafted. The best harness out there!

Tracey H.

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