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By incorporating scientific research into our designs, we can guarantee optimal comfort and functionality for your dog. Our carefully curated range of dog gear will enhance your dog's well-being during walks, training sessions, and everyday activities.






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Feedback from our customers

Rachel S.

"Love your products. Have two for my golden and can't wait to get my little dog Salsa in her new harness :)"

Liv HF

"Great experience and quick shipping."

Rosie C.

"This is my 3rd harness from you! They honestly don't get any better!"


"Delivery was very fast and my order was correct. Love our custom tags that we added on as well"

Tom P

"Easy and simple process. Custom patches delivered sooner than expected. Great experience"


Awarded dog harnesses

Developed with the latest scientific insights on canine anatomy and movement to ensure optimal support and minimize strain.


Julius-K9® IDC® Powerharness
  • $34.99
  • From $17.49
Julius-K9® IDC® Powair harness
  • From $39.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Color & Gray® Belt Harness
  • From $39.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Longwalk Harness
  • From $79.99


Toys for your furry friend

This unbeatable selection of engaging toys will keep your pooch entertained for hours on end!

Julius-K9 IDC® Natural Rubber Ball with Closable Handle
  • $19.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Neon Fluorescent Ball with Closable Handle
  • $24.99
Duoplay Ball
  • From $19.99
Julius-K9 Cotton/Nylon Inside Sewn Tug with Two Handles
  • From $13.99

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Our design remains unbeatable

  • 2014 Dogs Award (Germany)
  • - Julius-K9┬«
  • 2015 Pet Business Industry Recognition (USA)
  • - Julius-K9┬«
  • 2017 Pet Friendly Workplace Audience Award (Hungary)
  • - Julius-K9┬«
  • 2017 - 2020 The Awards of the Pet Industry User's Favorite Brands (China)
  • - Julius-K9┬«
  • 2018 Design Management Award (Hungary)
  • - K9 Sport Kft. / Julius-K9┬«
  • 2019 Anyos Jedlik Innovation Award (Hungary)
  • - Gyula Seb├Á
  • 2019 Red Dot Design Award (Germany)
  • - Julius-K9┬«
  • 2020 German Design Award
  • - Julius-K9┬«
  • 2020 Plagiarius (Germany)
  • - Julius-K9┬«
  • 2021 German Innovation Award
  • - Julius-K9┬«
  • 2021 LUX Awards (United Kingdom)
  • - Julius-K9┬«

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