A reliable rope and ball combo is the perfect setup for having fun while training your dogÔÇöin other words, you get the best of both worlds. At Julius-K9, we provide a stylish, reliable selection of dog balls with rope with colorful rope attachments that give you the grip you need for training a dog properly. Style is great, but you also need reliable performance.

From the Duoplay ball to the Julius-K9 IDC Neon Fluorescent Ball with a closeable handle, you'll find training equipment to accommodate puppies and adult dogs. Don't hesitate to contact Julius-K9 if you have any additional questions regarding our collection of dog balls with rope with durable rope attachments.

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Julius-K9 IDC® Neon Fluorescent Ball with Closable Handle
  • $16.99
Julius-K9 IDC® Natural Rubber Ball with Closable Handle
  • $16.99
Duoplay Ball
  • $19.99