Julius K9 is the industryÔÇÖs leading manufacturer and supplier of dog-related products, including harnesses, leashes, toys, and accessories. Our fantastic selection of new dog supplies and accessories will perfectly suit your furry family member. In addition, we are constantly developing new dog supplies and products to help owners everywhere take better care of their pets. Whether you need a leash, a harness, or even a special toy, weÔÇÖve got you covered! If you have any questions about our new dog supplies and products, please get in contact with us at 813-253-9903; we will assist you in any way we can!

5 products found in New Dog Supplies & Products

JK9 Powair Face Mask
  • $7.99
Poop Bags Lavender Scent
  • $6.99
Julius-K9® IDC® Powair leash
  • $16.99
Julius-K9® IDC® Powair harness
  • From $39.99
Duoplay Ball
  • From $19.99