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Road Trip With Your Dog

With the weather becoming warmer, dog owners are thrilled to go on road trips, especially when it’s their dog’s first time. To keep your dog happy and safe you need to ensure that they have a positive experience with car rides. Here are a couple of tips that will help both of you enjoy the road trip. 


If it’s your dog’s first road trip or they are still not used to riding in cars, just let them sit in the car to get familiar with it. You can take short trips to make them feel comfortable. Make sure that they are not loose in the car because they can disturb you while driving and/or hurt themselves. 

Frequent stops

Potty and water stops are needed when you are going on a long drive. If you are going to stop at the gas station you need to watch out for oil, gasoline, antifreeze, and other chemicals because they are poisonous. After filling the car, move it to a grassy area to take them out. If they get any substance on their paws, wash it off thoroughly. 

Have all your water and drinking bowls with you at all times, if for some reason you have to stop in a place where you can’t get water, or if get stuck in traffic, your dog will be able to drink. 

Medical Records/ID Tags

Keep a copy of your dog's medical documents on hand in case they become ill while traveling, and make sure their ID tags are up to date because anything can happen. If your dog is allergic, we recommend keeping a first-aid kit in the car in case something happens.

Dirty car

Dogs shed, slobber, and their fur gets dirty easily, but we love them even if they look like this. Covering the seats with a blanket or purchasing a seat cover can minimize the dirt getting on the interior. Hopefully, if they are getting dirty, it means that they are having a fun time running around in nature!