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4 Tips for Calming an Overly Excited Canine

So, it’s happened once again—you’ve invited dinner guests over, and your furry friend is bursting with excitement. Some dogs love people a little too much and struggle to calm down at the sight of house guests. They start with the “look at me dance,” but soon it escalates to jumping, panting, and out of control behavior. Rather than fall victim to this, learn tips for calming an overly excited canine.

Stay Calm Yourself

Yes, all the barking and jumping adds stress when you’re hosting but refrain from yelling at your dog. Dogs don’t communicate quite like we do, so by shouting “no,” your pup may assume you’re “barking,” which could escalate behaviors.

Pro Pet Tip

Get your dog to calm down by encouraging tranquility. If your pup’s meeting new people inside the home, then consider leashing your dog during introductions to keep control over your pet. Once your pooch quits jumping and demonstrates calm behavior, praise them.

Give Your Pup a Workout

Some dogs have loads of energy, so you help them work it off by wearing your dog out. Many trainers and canine experts advise against allowing your dog to play in the yard as you attempt this. Playtime is thrilling and may leave an excitable pup even more excited. Instead, go on a long walk before having company.

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Take a Training Class

Obedience school does wonders for a dog because it trains both canines and owners. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation for a long and happy life. In obedience school, you find ways to go about this. Similarly, you can train your dog to understand that they’ll get a reward for behaving calmly.

Engage Your Canine

The final tip for calming an overly excited canine is to put them to work. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, so consider hiding treats in a food mat or giving them a feeder ball. Both will keep their mind preoccupied, which in turn helps tire them out.

One Reason To Keep Your Pup Calm

Some pups love people—sometimes a little too much—and you need to know how to calm them. A big dog jumping all over your company can feel invasive to some and scary to others. Keep your dog under control by remaining calm yourself and establishing a great system.

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