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5 Dog Sports

5 Dog Sports


Some dogs are more energetic than others and if you have a hyperactive dog, there are a variety of dog sports to choose from, which can help burn off extra energy.


In agility, dogs compete against each other on an obstacle course where they jump, go through tunnels and navigate walkways in a certain order. The goal is to finish the obstacle course as fast as possible correctly. Dogs are guided every step of the way by their handlers through verbal commands and body signals. All sizes and dog breeds can enjoy this sport.

Disc dogs

"Frisbee Dog" is another name for this sport, where a flying disc is thrown by a handler, and the disc is caught and returned by their dog. It necessitates excellent communication between a dog and their handler. Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Australian Shepherds are the most common breeds seen in this sport.

Dog dancing

Dog dancing is a choreographed musical performance by a dog and their handler. This fun activity includes jumping, spinning, bowing, walking on hind legs, moving together, a popular finishing trick is to jump over owner’s back or into their arms. In order to put a whole routine together your dog will need to master each move. It will take lot of practice but be patient with them and yourself.

Dock jumping

Aka dock diving is a form of dog sport where dogs jump from a dock into water to retrieve a toy. The goal is to achieve great height or distance depending on the event. Any breed can take part but for this type of sport your dog needs to LOVE water, have high energy as well as a drive to catch, follow, or retrieve a toy.


If you and your dog are a fan of running then this sport is for you! Canicross is running with your dog attached to your waist with a leash. It is extremely important to know your dog’s limit and if they are fit for this type of activity. For this exercise, we recommend using the Julius-K9® Premium Jogging Set. The set includes a Premium Jogging Belt, a Premium Jogging Leash (4.2 ft), and a universal side bag with a label attachable by hook & loop fastener, so it's ready-to-use.