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5 Most Beloved Dogs in Cinema

5 Most Beloved Dogs in Cinema 



A cherished 1992 film about a St. Bernard puppy has stolen many family’s hearts. This dog breed is kind, extremely trustworthy, and good-natured, which is why they are usually used for rescue work.  They are patient with children and make a great cuddling buddy. 


From the popular Disney movie Toy Story, Slinky is a dachshund with a southern accent. Dachshunds are bred to hunt animals such as baggers, rabbits, and foxes. They are known to have many nicknames including Sausage Dog, Wiener Dog, Weenie, Low rider, Hotdog, and so much more! Because of their variety of personalities, sizes, and colors, dachshunds are a great choice for anyone who loves smaller dogs. 


Did you know that Dorothy’s adorable dog in Wizard of Oz was actually a female Cairn Terrier named Terry? Cairn terriers are tiny, usually weighing no ore than 14 pounds and are loving companions. You can find this breed in 15 colors and all of them are adorable! 


Lassie is a 1994 American adventure family film featuring a Rough Collie named Lassie, which many of us love.  Rough Collies are considered working dogs but make wonderful family pets since they are loyal, affectionate, and love playing with children. 

Rin Tin Tin

Duncan, an American soldier, rescued Rin Tin Tin from a World War I battlefield and nicknamed him "Rinty." Rinty was a German Shepherd who later became an international star and appeared in 27 Hollywood films! German shepherds are known for their excellent capabilities as working dogs as well as a treasured family pet.