5 Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

It’s important for your dog to get their daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy, but sometimes letting them play in the backyard isn’t enough especially for dogs with high energy levels. The solution could be to take your dog on a walk whether it’s rainy or sunny, here are 5 rainy day walking essentials!

1. Use a reflective harness

In rainy conditions, it is important to keep your dog visible. Drivers have a hard time seeing clearly therefore there is a higher risk of them not seeing your dog, making the chance of an accident happening higher. So when the car’s lights bounce off the harness they will be able to notice your pet.

2. Raincoat

Waterproof dog coats are an amazing way to keep your dog warm and dry on rainy days plus, they are adorable. Some dogs are hesitant to go outside when it’s raining and putting a coat on them might just do the trick. They will feel warmer and more comfortable. Keep in mind that not all dogs are fond of dressing up though it is important to protect them from harsh weather. If you are sensing that your dog doesn’t like the coat, try to put it on them in the house for a bit and gradually they will get used to them, once you see that they are comfortable take them out on a walk in their raincoat.

3. Keep them on a leash

Keeping your dog on a leash will decrease the chance of them getting scared and running off. If you can, take them on a walk in nature where there aren’t any traffic routes to minimize the loud noise that can cause them to feel uncomfortable.

4. Dog boots or paw wax

Paw care is always important! Dog boots are a perfect way to keep your dog’s paw mud-free and dry. They also protect their paws from sharp rocks, thorns, stones, or other objects that can hurt them. Although not all dogs enjoy wearing dog boots so instead you can massage paw wax onto them to keep them from getting dry.

5. Have a towel ready at the house

Just like you wipe your feet before you go into the house, your dog’s paws should be wiped dry and clean with a towel to protect them from getting itchy and sore.