5 Small Dog Breeds

  1. Chihuahuas like to burrow under blankets and dance on their hind legs. Many people describe them as being “small with a big personality” because they are entertaining and expressive.Chihuahuas love being with their owners, they will follow you wherever you go.

Fun facts:

  • They are named after the Mexican city of Chihuahua.
  • They prefer the company of other Chihuahuas over other breeds making them the only breed to exhibit a "clannish" nature.
  • Reverse sneezing is common, which happens when air is rapidly pulled through the nose.


  1. Yorkshire Terriers aka Yorkies are energetic, feisty, but affectionate! They are one of the most popular dogs in the US and are considered hypoallergenic because they produce less dander and don’t shed.

Fun facts:

  • Yorkies are frequently crossbred like a Yorkiepoo,  which is a Yorkie and a Poodle mix, Dorkie (Yorkie and a Dachshund), or Corkie (Yorkie and a Corgi). All of them are adorable!
  • A Yorkshire Terrier named Smokey was a well-known World War II war dog, who had a positive effect on the soldier’s mood and health.
  • The Yorkie's spunky personality has won them the nickname "tomboy toy”



  1. Papillon is French for butterfly, which refers to their ears resembling a butterfly’s wings. This adorable breed is active, playful, and smart. Grooming them is important to keep their fur healthy by combing them a couple of times a week.  

Fun facts:

  • During Marie Antoinette’s brief reign as Queen of France, she had several dogs, but her favorite was a Papillon named Coco.
  • There are several names and nicknames for the Papillon including Dwarf Continental Spaniel, Belgian Toy Spaniel, Toy Spaniel, and Dwarf Spaniel.
  • They perform well in agility courses.

  1. Pomeranians aka pom or pom poms are said to be energetic and vivacious. This puffball of fur has a double coat that needs to be taken care of by a professional groomer 4-6 times a week including bathing, trimming, clipping nails, cleaning ears.

Fun facts:

  • Several other species have the same name as them, like the Pomeranian duck, Pomeranian goose, and Pomeranian Coarsewool Sheep.
  • During Queen Victoria's reign, the royal kennels kept 35 Pomeranians.
  • You can find Pomeranians in 23 color schemes.

  1. Miniature Pinscher aka Zwergpinscher and Min Pin, which originated from Germany is a clever, friendly, energetic breed that looks like a smaller version of a Doberman

Fun facts:

  • They've been nicknamed the "King of Toys," because they love toys and for their king complexes.
  • Min Pins have a hackney-like gait meaning that their front legs are positioned more horizontally, making them have a high-stepping trot.