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5 Ways to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog

Pet owners know that your furry friend can be a mischief especially when they get bored or want attention. Luckily, there are ways to encourage positive behavior.
1. Spend time together
Make sure to spend quality time together with your dog regularly because when they feel that you care about them and love them, they will reciprocate the feeling. Letting them trust you and get close to you strengthens the bond.
 2. Daily exercise
Depending on the size and how hyperactive your dog is determines how much exercise they need in a day to keep them healthy. For example, a German Shepard will need more exercise than a Chihuahua. You can either take them on a walk, let them run around in the yard, or play a game of fetch with them.
3. Teach them the basics
Teaching them basic obedience at a young age or when you get them can help exercise their brain and will build a stronger relationship. It enables you to manage your dog more easily, which means that they can be controlled and become part of family gatherings.
4. Introduce them to other dogs and family members
Dogs who spend a lot of time exercising and interacting with other people and dogs tend to be friendly and can develop good behaviors. Getting your dog to be sociable makes them healthier and happier.
5. Recognize positive behavior
Give your dog a reward every time your best bud shows good behavior, it doesn’t have to be treats all the time it can be cuddles, petting, or praising them will words. It means a lot to them that they are being a good boy/girl.