Adopt a Dog Month-October

 Adopt A Dog Month was established in 1981 by the American Humane Association in response to the increasing number of dogs entering shelters each year. Most of the animals have been abandoned by their owners and need to be reminded that not all humans are cruel. They deserve to be adopted by a loving family who will provide them with endless joy and affection!

Why should you adopt?

You will give the dog a second chance to live where they are protected, cared for, and loved. In return, they will love you unconditionally. Some dogs may need time to adjust to the new life and they will need to gain your trust, but be patient with them because slowly you will start to see their personality bloom. 

You can find pure breeds and mixed breeds of all ages and personalities, so you will surely find a dog that suits you! In shelters, the dogs are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped prior to adoption, therefore it will cost you less than buying a puppy from a breeder. 

Unfortunately, there aren't enough homes for all of the animals born each year. As a result, when you adopt a pet from a shelter you are breaking the cycle of pet overpopulation. You won’t only just save one life but you will also give a chance for another one to find a home. 

If you can’t adopt, how can you help?

You can make a donation to the shelter which they will use to buy supplies, food, medicine, etc. for the dogs. You could also volunteer to help walk or play with them. If you have dog supplies that you don’t use, for example, any leashes or harnesses which are in good condition, it will surely be appreciated by the workers and animals.