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Becoming the Alpha: Tips for Dealing With a Dominant Dog

In a pack, there can only be one alpha, and you should always be that individual. The problem is, some pups don’t quite get this concept. Puppies usually go through their rebellious teenage streak to try to find their way in your pack. But other dogs are downright stubborn. While your dog may be a natural-born leader, you need to take charge. A few tips for dealing with a dominant dog can go a long way as you work to become the alpha.

Set Boundaries

Every pack has boundaries. Dogs communicate differently than people, so you need to establish clear rules and keep a regimented routine for your canine. Don’t give off mixed signals. If you don’t want your dog on the furniture, then reprimand them each time they get on the couch.

Likewise, your pup needs to know that things move according to your schedule. Your dog shouldn’t push you out of the way to get to their food bowl, but instead, should patiently wait until you give them the go-ahead.

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Setting boundaries and nipping this behavior right away lessens the chance of aggression. Sometimes, dominant dogs growl or snap at individuals—both are dangerous.

Be Assertive

Your dog isn’t going to respect you as a leader if you’re a pushover; in fact, the canine may believe it’s in charge of you. While acts of canine dominance such as growling or teeth-baring may seem scary to some, you cannot show this. When your dog seems overprotective, remain calm and take charge of the situation.

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Plenty of owners allow their dogs on the couches or beds, but this is a privilege for your dog. Your dog should look to you for permission before getting cozy. This is in part because of the canine mentality, as the alpha receives the most comfortable sleeping spot.

Never Force Affection

Some dogs love snuggling up to their owners, while others are loners. This trait differs from breed to breed, but you should never force your dog to cuddle up to you. By following your dog around, you once again make them believe they’re dominant. Although it may be hard sometimes, you should allow your pup to come to you for doting.

Go To Obedience School

Training your dog on your own may become too difficult, and in that instance, you should enroll your pup in a class for help from an animal expert. Obedience school does more than teach your dog a few necessary tricks—it also improves your relationship. Your dog learns to obey your voice and commands. In obedience school, canines also learn to trust their owners as the sole pack leaders.

Some owners need tips for dealing with a dominant dog to rule out negative or dangerous behaviors. As the alpha, training is your duty, so buy canine harness equipment at Julius K9! While becoming the alpha may be challenging at times, persevere in taking charge of your pack.