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Your Dog Needs A Harness So Get Him The Best Dog Harness Out There!

Your Dog Needs A Harness So Get Him The Best Dog Harness Out There!

If you own a dog, you understand the importance of walking your dog frequently. Not only will it promote a healthy dog, but your dog will absolutely love it every time you do it! While many people will opt for the traditional leash and collar, dogs have proven to be too smart for these. To help combat this, a majority of experts will recommend the use of a dog harness. If you’re looking for the best dog harness in the US, Julius-K9 has a variety to choose from

Your Dog Needs the Best Dog Harness on the Market

When most people think about a dog harness, they’re under the impression that they’re only useful when taking your dog on long walks, hikes, and adventures. Contrary to popular belief, a dog harness will prove valuable in any dog-walking scenario -- even if it’s just down the road. 

When searching the internet for a “dog harness near me,” you’ll come across a variety of different features and styles. You’ll find harnesses for the car, training harnesses, ones designed for running, and much more.

Ensuring your dog harness meets your dog’s needs is the quickest way to making your walks enjoyable for both of you. You won’t dread waking up early to take them because it’ll be less of a chore. Meanwhile, they’ll be happy to get out of the house. A happy dog means a happy owner, every time!

Why Should You Invest in a Dog Harness?

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to search for a “dog harness near me.” While many people will make the switch to a harness well after they experience an issue while walking their dog, you can help prevent these issues by making the switch today!

One of the biggest reasons would be safety. Whether you need to strap them in a vehicle or keep them from getting free and running loose, a harness will work better than a leash any day. They’ll also come with back-mounted handles for easy corrections while walking. 

In addition to that, a dog harness will make it much easier to train your dog. They prevent your dog from pulling while walking and will limit their temptation to jump when meeting new people. Some will even come equipped with pockets and other gadgets to help you carry water, treats, poop bags, and other essentials. 

Lastly, a harness will improve your dog’s health by limiting the amount of stress on their neck. This can cause soft tissue damage and glaucoma the longer it goes untreated. 

Choosing a Properly-Sized Harness

If you want your dog harness to work to its maximum effect, you’ll want to purchase the correct size -- just like any leash you would buy. Before you start searching the internet for a “dog harness near me,” you’ll want to measure around their chest and the bottom of their neck. Remember, always leave enough room for two fingers between the harness and your dog.

When looking for the best dog harness out there, you’ve come to the right place! Julius-K9 offers a wide variety of dog harnesses for dog owners in the US. Contact us today to shop for our products or to learn more about what we offer!