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Dog Walking: The Best Harness for Dogs That Pull

Dog Walking: The Best Harness for Dogs That Pull


While we all know a friend, relative, or rival who wields amazing expert leash skills. These skilled acquaintances are able to walk their dogs without being pulled down the block, wound around trees, or tangled up with the friendly neighbor dog who is also out for stroll in the afternoon. Unless you yourself have these amazing skills, you probably silently envy the person and pet that can gracefully walk side-by-side without tripping all over the place or constantly yanking. However, the majority of dog owners may not have that level of skill yet. Also, good leash walking skills are quite important- it’s not for just showing off your pet-parent talents. If your dog is walking nicely on a leash, it means that your dog is paying more attention to you, making it simpler for you to provide direction and guidance as needed along your walk, according to experts. Read on to learn more about proper leash techniques and what you can do to mitigate leash pulling in your pup. One of the major components of preventing pulling from dogs is to get the best harness for dogs that pull. If you’re looking online for the best no pull dog harness, Julius K-9 provides quality canine products and accessories and delivers all over the US. Call Julius K-9 today for your dog accessory needs today!

Better Walking Behavior

A dog that pulls on its leash can also run the risk of breaking away from your grasp accidentally, posing multiple dangers to your pet if he or she continues to run away from you,not to mention the risk of accident and tripping to you. It’s important to minimize the risk that you will be pulled over in a moment of overzealous leash yanking through proper leash manners, and this will also make your dog walking time more of a bonding experience and less of a tug-of-war. Teaching your dog how to walk nicely on a leash will allow you as the pet owner to take her more places and for longer walks, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for the both of you.
One thing to keep in mind is to adjust your attitude- rather than thinking of it as teaching a dog to stop pulling, think of it as teaching your dog how to walk nicely beside you. Reward your dog often, as one of the most effective and easiest ways to start teaching a dog to walk properly on a dog leash is to reward the dog for paying attention to you and for being positioned correctly, which is to be next to you or close to you, when out for a walk.

The Best Harness For Dogs That Pull

Having the best no pull dog harness can play a huge part in teaching your dog to walk correctly. If your dog already pulls regularly, then you can consider buying a quality front clip harness to provide extra control on walks. But if your dog already pulls hard with a no pull dog harness, then it be to your best benefit to work with a trainer. 

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Finding the best harness for dogs that pull may be the key to having enjoyable walking experiences with your pup. For the best no pull dog harness delivered anywhere in the US, call Julius K-9 today!