Best Police Dog Harness For Top Police Dog Breeds

When it comes to the best police dog breeds, it’s very similar to finding the best police dog harness; there is a ton of variety and options depending on the job that needs to get done. If you’re looking for a dog harness near me or more information on the top breeds for police dogs, Julius-K9 can be a resource no matter where you are in the US. Keep reading to find out more information on their advice and tips!


Finding the Right Police Dog Harness & Learning What the Best Police Dog Breeds Are

When you’re trying to find the best products for your dog, you may search up things like dog harness near me, but if you’re trying to figure out what the best breed is for a police dog, you may not be able just to Google something like that. So relying on expert’s advice is probably the best option you have!


Working dogs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as ability depending on the job they need to get done when you’re trying to figure out which dog breed is best for a police dog for a K-9 unit, you need to consider the dog’s abilities to conduct search and rescue missions, protection, as well as drug and bomb-sniffing. It takes a particular breed to be able to handle and complete all of these jobs successfully. Below you’ll find information on some of the breeds that are up for these jobs.

  • German Shepherd: This breed is most associated with being a part of a K-9 unit. German shepherds are made to herd and find unwelcome guests and predators, which makes them a perfect partner for a police officer. On top of their natural abilities, this breed is loyal and easily trained, which is a characteristic that makes them ideal for the job. Due to their versatility, the German Shepherd is always at the top of a police dog list. 
  • Beagle: This is one that isn’t really expected, but beagles have a nose that can’t be beaten. Although they are a smaller breed, which doesn’t make them very intimidating, they are fantastic for narcotics sniffing, which means you’ll see them most often at an airport or by the borders.  
  • Belgian Malinois: This breed is the cousin of the German Shepherd, and although they are smaller than their cousins, this breed is great as a military partner or even as a therapy dog. Because they have similar traits to the German Shepherd, they are amazing protectors, and they have gained some fame for accompanying seal team six on some of their most important missions. 
  • Rottweilers: These dogs are built like tanks and are incredibly intelligent, which is why they have been great K-9 partners for years. Despite their large size, Rottweilers are known to be shy around crowds and strangers but are extremely friendly and loving around people they know, which is why they are fantastic police partners. You won’t ever have to worry about them having your back. 


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