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Canine Smell: 3 Reasons You Should Let Your Dog Sniff

Our furry friends have a powerful sense of smell, which explains all the stopping on walks. While all that stop-and-go can get frustrating to any owner, it’s your dog’s way of gaining valuable information. Similarly, when two dogs meet, they do a little dance to smell one another. Sniffing around keeps your pup’s day interesting, but it’s also important to its well-being. Check out three reasons you should let your dog sniff.

It Gives Your Dog Information

Usually, when we want to learn more about an individual, we ask questions, but canines can’t do that. Thanks to its incredible sense of smell, a dog can gather a deep understanding of a person or fellow animal. As it sniffs around, it can discover what other canines have been in that location.

Sniffing around in unfamiliar territory helps your dog feel more comfortable as it explores. For example, another dog may have marked a specific tree or spot of grass as its own territory, and by sniffing around, your dog can realize this.

It’s a Mental Workout

While dogs need daily walks and other forms of physical exercise, mental workouts are just as important to their well-being. This is another reason you should let your dog sniff; doing so makes it analyze new information. As descendants from the wolf, dogs encounter new challenges every day, and by sniffing around, they learn all sorts of information.

Pro Pet Tip

Make sniffing fun for your dog and challenge its mind with toys like a food mat. You can hide pieces of kibble in this and give your pup time to sniff it out!

It Helps Your Dog Get To Know Others

When two dogs meet for the first time, they have an odd greeting—they sniff one another back-ends. While people may see this as bizarre or even gross, dogs identify the gender, mood, breeding availability, and more about their new furry friends this way. And since dogs remember scent with ease, recognizing doggy friends is a breeze!

Pro Pet Tip

When introducing two dogs, keep them leashed or in an otherwise controlled environment. Shop for durable leashes and K9 dog patches at Julius K9. Two dogs may sniff each other and find that they don’t get along—and you’ll need control over your pup if this happens.

Almost all owners are guilty of pulling their dog to end a good sniff. While your canine shouldn’t walk you, you should let it sniff around a bit on a walk since doing so keeps it happy. If your dog tugs on the leash or sniffs too much, maybe it’s time to consider obedience school. Walks should be a joy for both you and your loyal companion!