dog christmas

Christmas for Your Pets!

During these hard times, many people still can’t visit their family on Christmas due to the pandemic. Those who are pet owners are the lucky ones because it’s for sure that they won’t be alone during the holidays. Your dog is probably used to people coming over for dinner and maybe a family member bringing their dog over to have a doggy play date. But let’s make sure that your pet will also have a wonderful time this year. 

Bake them treats and teach them a new trick

There are many different types of dog treats that you can make, which are simple and are made with a couple of ingredients like pumpkin, peanut butter, or carrots. Teaching them a new trick creates a stronger bond between you and your pooch, boost concentration, and helps letting out your dog’s excess energy. 

Get them presents 

Dogs like presents too! Surprise them with a new toy like our Duoplay ball or get them a new harness and leash set. There are many products you can choose from to get your pet the perfect gift. 

Make them their own stocking

Many families hang stockings above their fireplace or around the house with their names on it, so why shouldn’t your pet have their very own little stocking? You can buy one or make one yourself, which by using shapes cut out of fabric, tinsel, ribbon, pom-poms, bells, or whatever you can find at home. 

Give them lots of love 

Spending time with your pooch can do wonders to both of you because it has many benefits including reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and increases happiness. Whether your dog is a Chihuahua or Rottweiler, they all deserve love and care. But keep in mind that not all dogs feel the need to cuddle because just like us, they are different. Some of them may prefer a little more alone time, so respect their boundaries. 

Support shelters

Unfortunately, there are many dogs in animal shelters without a family that also deserve to be loved. Many of them have been abandoned and abused by their previous owner and need extra love to be able to trust again. If you can, give donations to the shelter either money, food, gear, cleaning supplies, or just visit and walk the dogs.  


Remember, you don’t need to buy your dog gifts to make them happy. If you take them on a long walk in the woods during Christmas break with just the two of you or with other dogs, it’s for sure that they will be delighted. The best gift for a dog is to be with their loving and caring owner!