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Do You Need Service Dog Insurance?

Do You Need Service Dog Insurance?

A service dog is a special kind of pet, particularly trained to assist people living with distinctive disabilities, such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, PTSD, seizures, and diabetes, to name a few. Before enlisting to duty, the canine requires around two years of schooling aimed at developing the desirable essential traits strongly needed to care for the disabled owner. For the owner, maintaining a service dog demands a robust financial commitment roughly estimated in the thousands of dollars. Fully aware of this costly reality, the US division of Julius-K9, besides making a mission of supplying the best harness for dogs, we also want to show our regard and continuous support by telling you how can you get service dog insurance. 

When Should You Be Considering the Assistance of a Service Dog? Why Is it Beneficial?

Service dogs are pets exclusively trained to do tasks the owner can’t perform on its own due to the existence of a disability. It’s precisely this grand action that qualifies them as working dogs with clearly established duties and responsibilities to the owner.  


The type of services provided by these skillful dogs is diverse. However, the most common disability cases, allowing their  job to stand out are:

  • Guidance for the blind.
  • Auditive support for those affected with a hearing impairment.
  • Healing therapy against PTSD, depression, and anxiety.   


Assisting dogs are also very popular with patients akin to suffer seizures, epilepsy attacks, and even blood sugar variations (diabetes).  


If you identify your medical condition in these broad spectra, then you should be considering getting the assistance of a service dog. These loyal companions are here to improve daily life, making you feel more integrated with the surroundings, happier, and fulfilled. 


In the street, you could easily spot one because they tend to wear a colorful vest which highlights their purpose. It’s a well-known fact that Julius-K9 fabricates the best harness for dogs on duty, complementing the vest perfectly and providing extreme comfort and functionality for the dog and owner. 

Are Service Dogs Affordables? Can a Service Dog Insurance Policy Help?

An essential piece of information you need to know about service dogs is that they are not cheap at all. The financial commitment involved between adoption fees, general care (including medical expenses), and training is sure to reach a not discreet 5-digit figure. 


If those figures managed to scare you, don’t get discouraged just yet. There are resourceful options you can rely on to afford a service dog. In the US, one of the best alternatives is subscribing to an insurance policy on behalf of the dog.


The insurance policy is an outlet to retrieve -at least- part of the expenses spent on the dog while adding a useful safety net for emergencies.

Currently, there are plenty of providers offering different plans. Contacting them for information is essential. 

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