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Dog Accessories: How to Make Your Dog Happy!

How much do you love your dog? Do you love to spoil your faithful canine? Why not give your pup the best dog accessories on the market? Here at Julius-K, we have everything you need. Our products are guaranteed to make your dog happy. When it comes to the best "dog harness near me" we are conveniently located in the US. 

What Makes A Dog Happy?

You should encourage your dog's love and appreciation for the outdoors and facilitate it as much as it is possible. Allowing your dog to be active is vital for his health, and it is in his natural instinct to want to be outside. Hikes, trips to the dog park, long walks around the neighborhood together, and games of fetch in the backyard are all great ways to spend time with your dog outside and encourage physical exercise, which is healthy for both of you. In addition, spending time outdoors with your dog and making sure he leads an active lifestyle can strengthen your bond with one another. 

The only time you should not be encouraging your dog's behavior is if he's demand barking to go outside or wants to go too frequently (more than five times a day) and then wants to come back after a few minutes. In both cases, it is advised to see a dog trainer about the behavior, especially to tackle the demand barking. In case your dog requests to go outside but then wants to get back inside after only a few minutes, it is recommended to see a veterinarian as he might have bladder issues or a urinary tract infection which causes him to act this way.

We Have All The Dog Accessories You Need

Julius-K9 LLC. is the subsidiary of the two European companies, who own the deservedly famous brand: Julius-K9®, the first brand in the whole world who made funny interchangeable patches available for its harnesses. Julius-K9 LLC. is the U.S. Operational Headquarters, established at the end of 2014. Our objective is to make Julius-K9® products easily available to people who live in North America. Our products have been on the U.S. market since 2005, however, only a portion of people have enjoyed the high-end quality and the uniqueness of our products. The developers at Julius-K9® try to create the perfect harmony between the dog and their owner's work and relationship with the tiniest details. The development, the production, and the testing of the products go far beyond the rigorous requirements of the European Union.

Get A Dog Harness Near Me

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