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Dog Breeds for People with Allergies


It can be very frustrating when you really want to cuddle up with a dog and love them but because of your allergies you can’t. Symptoms of dog allergies are usually coughing, sneezing, having a runny and itchy nose but some people can also have skin reactions. People are usually allergic to dander (flakes of dead skin), saliva, or urine and not the dog’s hair or fur. Here are a few dog breeds that are recommended because they don’t shed their coat and have little or no fur at all.

Bichon Frise

Their curly coat is easy to maintain producing little dander, which makes it a hypoallergenic dog. They don’t shed and their hair continually grows, therefore, regular grooming is important to prevent mats. The Bichon Frise is a small breed of dog that loves to play and is always happy, which makes them a wonderful family pet.

Chinese Crested Dog

This breed comes in two varieties either hairless and powderpuff (but now a days we can encounter an in-between version), which makes them shed little to no hair. They are the best companion for a couch potato, they can lie in bed for hours! Chinese Crested dogs are typically playful and affectionate.

Wire Fox Terrier

They have a rough, wiry coat that hardly sheds, which can be very convenient for people with allergies, but their coat needs to be maintained, kept clean, and healthy. These terriers are loving, friendly, and playful.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) is a small breed with a non-shedding coat that needs to be maintained. They need to be brushed and bathed regularly to keep the coats from matting either by the owner or by a professional. Yorkies are energetic and feisty with an adventurous terrier spirit.


Poodles have a tightly curled coat that requires professional grooming. They come in different sizes: toy, miniature, standard, and medium so you can choose one that fits you

best. Poodles are often described as active, faithful, intelligent, trainable, and are known to have a strong bond with family members.


Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog has a waterproof coat, which makes them well-suited for living outside. They will be happy outside if they have fresh water, shelter, and a back yard where they can play. Porties have so much energy with a lot of enthusiasm and love to play in the water, so if you also are a fan of water and exercise then they are the perfect breed for you!


Before buying or adopting a dog spend time with the specific breed that you are planning to get. Some people have a more sensitive immune system, which can make them have an allergic reaction to some of the hypoallergenic breeds. To make sure, visit a shelter or ask a friend, colleague if they have or know anyone that has a hypoallergenic dog. There are many other breeds that are hypoallergenic, so don’t give up and try to find a loving companion that is perfect for you!