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Veterinarian Approved Dog Care Tips for Summer

We are heading towards the end of summer, which means the weather will soon be changing for most cities across the United States. However, that does not mean that the heat is completely gone yet. We are still under that summer sun. The dog professionals at Julius-K9 are here to inform you of some dog care tips that are helpful for the last few warm months of the year. We specialize in the best no pull dog harness. 

Check Out These Tips!

  • Don't leave them in a hot car
    • When your car is sitting in the hot sun, it can become a sauna extremely quick. It takes around 5 minutes to reach a temperature that is too hot for your dogs. NEVER leave your pet in a hot car. Even if you think that you are only going to be in the store for just a second. You never know how long the check-out line is or who you are going to run into for a quick chat while in the store.
  • Make sure they have shade and water
    • When your pets are playing outside, they can also get overheated very fast. Dogs do not sweat like humans. They must pant to cool themselves off. Make sure they have access to plenty of fresh cool water and a little bit of shade.
  • Keep their paws cool
    • Dogs feet are sensitive to the hot pavement and concrete. When taking your pets for a walk place the back of your hand on the ground. If you do not want to leave your hand on the ground for an extended period of time, then it is too hot for your pet to walk on. Getting doggie boots will help protect their paws while they are walking. 
  • Use a pool for exercise 
    • During the summer we all love to go swimming. This is a great way for your dog also to get some exercise and stay cool.
  • Watch out for bugs and parasites
    • Summertime also means that there are more bugs out. Make sure to keep your pet on flea and tick medications. There are many deadly diseases that both of these bugs carry that your pet can catch.
  • Snakes if in your area
    • Snakes can cause a lot of problems for your pets. Many dogs who find a snake want to play with the snake. The snake will then bite your dog usually on the face or paw. This is cause swelling. Usually, their whole face and neck will swell. If you notice this the best thing to do it take your pet to the veterinarian. 
  • Sunburns
    • Just like people, dogs can also get sunburns. Very short hair or light hair dogs can easily get sunburned. These dogs are best to keep in the shade. They do make sunscreen, especially for dogs to help decrease the burning. If you have a short light-haired dog, apply some sunscreen to them before they go outside and play.

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