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All You Need to Know About Julius K-9: Dog Collars and Leashes

Nothing is too good when it comes to your dog. From design to quality to comfort, it’s important to treat your pup to the dog accessories and products that fit them the best. Your doggie best friend is there for you through thick and thin, crying in your room and frolics in the park, and they are always there to provide plenty of unconditional love and tail wags. You will want to give back a little bit to your dog and treat them to the best dog collars and leashes that are available and affordable in the market. It’s important to keep your dogs happy and healthy with quality dog products and accessories that will keep their tails wagging in delight. From the designing process to the development and patenting of our dog leashes, collars, and harnesses, Julius K-9 is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products and accessories for your furry friends. If you’re looking for anything from the best no pull dog harness to our various assortment of dog leashes and dog collars, Julius K-9 is here for you. Call Julius K-9 today for your US dog product and accessory needs!

Our Products Are Premium Quality

When it comes to outfitting your best doggy friend, it’s important to pick the right type of harness, leash, and collar in order to serve the functions that it is supposed to serve, and also to make sure that everything fits your pooch perfectly. Our leashes are extremely high quality leather and in hot demand. Our Buffalo leather leash is a top seller and comes in a variety of lengths, from a convenient three feet to even longer lengths. We at Julius K-9 believe that details matter, which is why everything from the quality of the leather to the metal of the carabiners are of premium craftsmanship. The leather of the Buffalo leather leash, as with all of our leather leashes, is tanned in a specific and special way and treated with our unique processes in order to make sure that dog owners are able to grip on a quality feeling and a durable leather. All of the leather leashes that we at Julius K-9 provide, moreover, have real brass or steel carabiners, and our leather leashes are also all handsewn and braided, and can also be custom made to order for your doggy best friend. 

Quality Dog Collars and Leashes

We at Julius K-9 are not only known for our leashes, we are also known for our innovative harnesses and collars such as the best no pull dog harness. Julius K-9 was the first in the industry to start giving the option of putting special removable patches on our harnesses, whether for fun or to denote service dogs on the job. Our collars are also of the highest quality that you can get in the dog product industry. One of the top sellers at Julius K-9 is the Lumino collar. The Lumino collar is made out of a phosphorescent material that is able to product light if it is exposed to light, depending on the duration and intensity of light exposure. Even in the daylight, your dog’s neon collar will shine out to you, and the black cow leather liner on the inner side provides it with a solid backdrop. Moreover, our product is waterproof, wrinkle and UV resistant, and tested on load tests.

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Julius K-9 provides everything from premium dog collars and leashes to the best no pull dog harness in the US. Call Julius K-9 today for your dog product needs!