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Dog Grooming: The Benefits Behind Puppy Freshness

Dog Grooming: The Benefits Behind Puppy Freshness

There are many responsibilities to caring for a dog. Feeding your dogs with a well-balanced diet, providing them with exercise and outdoor time, and cleaning up after them are all key responsibilities we need to accept when adopting a furry family member. It’s really no different from having a child, which is why adding dog grooming to the list of important responsibilities shouldn’t be forgotten. At Julius-K9, we have lots of experience with dogs as a seller of dog accessories like a personalized dog harness across the US. This experience is why we have seen first hand how a well-groomed dog benefits from their hygiene and hair care.

Home Grooming Vs Professional Grooming

It’s important for dog owners to be able to perform their own at-home grooming to help keep your dog looking clean, happy, and healthy. Letting your dog develop matting, collect dirt and mud in their fur, or suffer from fleas isn’t okay. It wouldn’t be fair to leave a toddler in a soiled diaper, would it? Regular bathing, nail trimming, and checking for fleas and ticks is an important part of at-home dog care, but that doesn’t mean your dog won’t benefit from professional grooming as well. Even if you’re taking good care of your dogs at home, unless you have experience as a groomer, there are many benefits your dog can receive from seeing a professional groomer on occasion.

Professional Dog Grooming Benefits

Here are some benefits for taking your dogs for occasional grooming:

  • Reduce Odors
    • Ever hear of that wet dog smell? Does your dog still have a musty odor, even after bathing? If you’re inexperienced at dog bathing, you aren’t properly removing all the dirt that collects in their fur, but professional groomers have that experience. They can also add dog-safe colognes to help with your pooch smelling fine and fresh.
  • Oral Hygiene
    • Another important and often overlooked aspect to at-home dog care is brushing their teeth. Most dogs aren’t fond of this though, and it can be difficult to do it regularly at home. Professional groomers can help give your dog a deep oral brushing to better maintain the quality of your dog’s teeth.
  • Maintaining a Healthy Coat
    • A healthy, shiny coat is very important to keep your dog happy and healthy. The steps to achieve this can vary between dogs, though, and usually requires different amounts of combing, brushing, and bathing depending on the dog’s breed. Professionals will help to get your pup’s coat looking fresh and clean while also giving you the tips to maintain this at home in preparation for your next visit.
  • Nail Trimming
    • A dog’s nails should be trimmed once a month, but this can sometimes be very difficult depending on the dog. Many aren’t fond of the process, and many dog owners are scared of clipping their dog’s nails too short. This isn’t a problem for professional groomers, though.
  • High-Quality Grooming Supplies
    • There are a lot of expensive dog care products and equipment that can be used to keep your dog looking and feeling their best. A good groomer will have well-kept, high-quality equipment that most dog owners won't have at home. Seeing a professional helps your dog benefit from this high-quality equipment without needing to buy it for yourself.

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