How to Leash Train Your Dog with a Harness

You must have noticed that most of the time, your pooch likes to tug on the leash when you take him or her for a walk. This is the reason that many people are interested in finding the best no pull dog harness on the market. At Julius-K9, we have a beautifully designed leash that tightens on the dog’s body when they try to pull ahead of you.

Why do I Need a No Pull Leash?

Those who have a furry feline understand the fact that sometimes it becomes difficult to stay in control when your dog pulls on the leash whenever he or she is out for a walk. This scenario happens over and over and can actually be quite dangerous. 

Having a no pull harness causes discomfort for your pup when they try and pull ahead but when the lean back, the leash is not right and feels comfortable. A leash like this is the perfect training leash. 

The wonderful thing about this kind of dog harness is that dog lovers won’t have to compromise the comfort of their animal. The little discomfort which these harnesses bring to your dig is only for the sake to train them better for future so that they can learn to stop pulling on the leash. 

When choosing a safe and effective product for your best canine companions, Julius-K9 LLC can assure you that we have the best harness option out there. We sell to local dog owners as well as people all over the US! We hope that our quality made no pull harnesses will make walks with your dogs more enjoyable and safer for everyone involved.

How to Use the Leash 

  • The first step begins with holding the leash at the knot. Say "let's go" and then begin the walk.
  • Whenever the dog starts pulling, just say "easy.”
  • Use the word "oops" when the dog pulls. Then let go of the knot, take a turn and change direction.
  • Reward your companion for each step he continues with you.
  • Keep repeating the process for a while and for a few days.

Choosing the Right Kind of Dog Harness

To begin with, it's important to understand a few things about the no pull harness before you go ahead and pick one for your dog. Always ensure that no pull harness fits properly to your dog. The comfort and discomfort will depend upon the fitting. Also, always follow the given instruction and our tips on our website. If you want to see the miracle while training your dog, you will have to follow the described guidelines. Follow each one of them from the very first walk using our best no pull dog harness.

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