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Dog Harness With Handle For Awesome Service Dogs

Are you looking into hiring a seeing-eye dog to care for you or someone you love? Seeing-eye dogs can be fantastic partners in enabling different patients to live happy, healthy lives. One thing you need, though, is a dog harness with handle for when the two of you go out. We at Julius K-9 are an online provider of quality dog equipment used by people and officers across the US. We’ve worked with many dogs before, service dogs and seeing-eye dogs included, and we recognize the importance of the right equipment. That said, it’s also not a bad idea to invest in a personalized dog harness--one that can help other people recognize your dog is on the clock. We’d like to take a moment and share some details about service dogs you might not know.

Facts about Service Dogs

Service dogs are specially trained dogs designed to be alert to certain conditions that could affect a patient. For example, because of their extraordinary sense of smell, dogs can smell the changes in a human’s blood hours before those changes result in a seizure. In contrast, a seeing-eye dog is a specific classification of service dog there to help blind individuals maneuver their surroundings safely. These are amazing feats, but here are some facts you might not know about these dogs:

  • They aren’t pets
    • A service animal isn’t just someone’s pet with great training, but an individual specifically trained for a purpose. They are an extension of their disabled human partner, and as a result, they need to be treated with respect by other people. This means petting service animals is a no-go unless the patient or their caretaker allows you to.
  • Retrievers do the best jost
    • Any dog breed can be trained as a service dog, and there are examples of other species being trained as well, but retrievers are particularly good at learning the ropes of their tasks. Keep this in mind when hiring your own service animal.
  • The vests are optional
    • Some assume a service animal on the clock must wear their associated vest, but this actually isn’t true. That said, it’s a good idea, especially if you plan on being out and around in an area that could be busy. The vest helps alert people not to bother the dog (though you’ll still get some individuals who will try and pet them) and helps others that you are in some way disabled and may require assistance with certain things.
  • The training is expensive
    • Proper service dog training is pretty intense and more expensive than you might think, and it’s quite demanding. The process starts when the dogs are puppies and requires about 18 months of training, and can cost around $25k.

Why Trust Julius K-9 When Getting a Dog Harness with Handle?

At Julius K-9, we have spent years providing functional and effective dog equipment to dog parents across the United States, and it’s not just them that you should trust, but the police dogs of America. When it comes to providing a dog harness with handle, officers across the country trust us to outfit their working pups. This is because they’re comfortable and reliable--perfect for achieving what it needs to do while also staying out of the way of police dogs on the clock. They require something that gives them security with their handler while allowing them the mobility to perform their duties, and that’s exactly what they get when they shop with Julius K-9.

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