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Dog Obedience Training: Common E-Collar Mistakes to Avoid

Dog Obedience Training: Common E-Collar Mistakes to Avoid


For many dog owners, obedience can be a challenging obstacle to jump through. With bigger dogs especially, having them well-trained means that you can relax more when taking them out, and they have more freedom to do the things they know are okay. Many consider E-collars to be a severe way to handle this process, but in the right hands, they can be excellent tools for dog obedience training. At Julius-K9, we understand the proper use for E-collars, and we’ve also seen how people misuse them. For that reason, we want to share with you these common mistakes regarding E-collars. This way, if you’re in the US and need a collar or dog harness near me, you’ll trust us to deliver.

Common Mistakes Regarding E-Collars

E-collars are powerful tools, and misusing them can not only disrupt your dog’s obedience training, but also can be cruel to the dog. We want you to feel safe and secure knowing that an E-collar is an effective and harmless way to train your dog when used correctly.

  • Not being trained with the E-collar
    • An E-collar can have sudden, powerful effects on a dog’s behavior. For this reason, it’s very important to understand how to use them correctly. You otherwise can risk poorly training your dog and not accomplishing the objectives you set out to achieve.
  • Being afraid of the E-collar
    • Some owners may be quick to collar their dogs, but would you be comfortable trying it on yourself? If you aren’t comfortable with the effect of the collar on yourself, you shouldn’t be using it on your dog either. It’s important to know what the simulation feels like so you understand what your dog experiences as well. The jolt is quick, painless, and ultimately about sending a sudden, surprising sensation to the wearer, but abusing it can be more harmful.
  • Training your dog to become dependant on the E-collar
    • The goal is for your dog to become obedient without the need of the collar, which can be a challenging goal to achieve. It’s important for your dog to become comfortable with the collar itself before beginning training with the simulation so that they disassociate the it with the collar. This will help the training transcend the use of the collar.
  • Testing your dog instead of teaching them
    • It’s important that using the collar is something done immediately when commands are given. Waiting a few seconds to see if your dog will react will only teach them to wait for the sensation, which is counterintuitive to the training.
  • Using the E-collar to fix a problem
    • An E-collar is not a punishment. Using it this way may fix the problem in the short-term, but it can create long-term problems, such as your dog developing fear and anxiety.
  • Using the E-collar for everything
    • Proper E-collar training training can show fantastic results with dog obedience, but this does not mean it’s a cure-all. Thinking this way can be a pandora's box where suddenly no amount of behavioral concerns are too small to be used, such as barking when someone returns home. These aren’t all necessary for E-collar training, and abusing this is not healthy for the dog’s growth.

Location A Collar and A Dog Harness Near Me for Dog Obedience Training

If you’re looking to begin your dog’s journey through dog obedience training, there are many resources you may want to invest in. Now that you’ve learned more about the E-collar, you may want to consider purchasing one. If you are in need of one or a dog harness near me, Julius-K9 has you covered. We can supply dog equipment across the US. Contact us today for more information on our products, or to make a purchase.