Dog Owners: The Dos & Don'ts of Dog Ownership

Do you plan on extending your family with the addition of a furry friend? Getting a dog as a pet is a great chance to bring love and happiness to your home. However, it is important to keep in mind the huge responsibility you will be taking. Here at Julius-K9, our experts are here to make sure dog owners know all the dos and don'ts of dog ownership. We also specialize in the best no pull dog harness that is available to everyone in the US. 

It Is All About Etiquette


We've all seen the dog with poor manners: barking at every passerby from the yard, provoking trouble at the dog park, and ruining our dinner parties with sad, hungry eyes watching your every bite. Though every dog has been known to misbehave, it makes you wonder if yours has ever been the rude one. Have your friends or neighbors ever viewed your precious pup as the neighborhood nuisance? Do they see her not as the lady, but as the tramp? Today we are here to help shed some light on how you can transform your pup into a well behaved furry friend. 

The Do's and Don't of Dog Owners


  • Are you going for a walk?
    • Do's
      • Keep your dog on a leash. It's required by law in most states, and it creates a sense of comfort for anyone you encounter. Just because you know she's well-mannered and has strong recall skills doesn't mean your neighbors do. Seeing an unleashed dog walking toward them can make anyone nervous, especially children and elders.
      • Keep your dog close as other dogs pass. Always ask the owner's permission before you and your dog approach them, and if the owner declines, don't make objections.
    • Don'ts
      • Avoid letting your dog urinate on other people's lawns, shrubs, trees, mailboxes, or any other piece of property. Clean up waste as it occurs, and always bring extra baggies.
      • Don't allow your dog to jump on other dogs. It could lead to injury, and it's important she learns that not all canines enjoy this kind of interaction. Plus, you don't want her to have a reputation in the neighborhood for being that uncontrollable, jumpy dog.
  • Going to the dog park?
    • Dos
      • Make the dog park a supplement to her daily activity, not her only source. Dogs that have been cooped up indoors all day — especially alone — may enter the park with excess energy that could lead to problems. 
      • Remove your dogs leash once you've entered the fenced off-leash area. It can be a tripping hazard, especially if she starts to play. 
    • Don'ts
      • Do not let your dog immediately run up to park newcomers. You can never be sure of the situation; it may be that dog's first visit and as he's assessing the environment and potential threats, all of a sudden your dog bounds up to him at full-speed. He could interpret that as a threat and a fight could break out. 
    • Avoid letting your dog bully others. Playful behavior includes an excited bow at a short distance or a light-hearted tag-and-run play request. Constantly nipping another dog's neck or pouncing on him to initiate wrestling is bad behavior, and could lead to a fight.

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