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Dog Products & More to Prepare For Your First Dog

Dog Products & More to Prepare For Your First Dog

There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ll be welcoming a new addition to your family soon. If you’ve never experienced the feeling of getting a new dog, it should be on your bucket list starting today. If you’re preparing for your first dog, there’s a variety of dog products you’ll want to invest in -- and maybe stock up on -- before they make their arrival. Luckily for you, Julius-K9 has a variety of products available designed to make your dog a happy camper!

Why Do You Need a Top Rated Dog Harness?

Let’s be honest; the days of the collar and leash are beyond over. Not only does a collar and leash provide some major health concerns for your little buddy, but it’s also easy for them to get out of. Safety and convenience have to be high on your priority list when walking your dog. 

That’s where having a top rated dog harness can save the day. Harnesses provide a wide variety of benefits to you and your dog. They won’t tug on their neck, they allow for versatility when walking in front or behind your dog, and they lock your dog in comfortably so they can’t getaway. 

A top rated dog harness can also come with some much-needed accessories and attachments. Some of the most popular are head halters and attachments to hold poop bags, water, treats, and toys! Your dog’s harness will provide them with all they need when going out for their walks. 

Other Dog Products You Should Consider

Next up on your list should be dog toys. Not only will these keep them active and entertained throughout the day, but they will allow you to quickly train them to follow commands. You’ll want to make sure you get toys for inside and outside. 

Food will also be a high ticket item when first starting out. If they’re a puppy, you’ll have to buy special food compared to an adult dog. The more you stock up now, the less you’ll need to buy later -- and don’t forget the treats! The same will go for cleaning supplies and any other supplies you’ll need for the dog. 

Next, making sure they have proper bedding and napping areas is a must. If you’re going to let them on the couch, you might want to consider a lint roller, handheld vacuum, or couch covers. 

Lastly, before bringing your new dog home with you, make sure you prepare your house correctly. This will involve placing down potty mats throughout the house, picking up anything off the ground that you won’t want them to get into, and making sure their play area is all set for them.

Welcome Your New Puppy Home the Right Way

When you’re preparing to bring your dog home for the first time, it could be stressful if you don’t know what you need to purchase. In summary, you’ll want to take care of food, cleaning supplies, bedding, and some fun stuff for your walks. 

If you need help finding the best dog products for your little buddy, check out our collection at Julius-K9 -- we ship anywhere in the US. We offer versatile and reliable dog harnesses, as well as a variety of accessories to go along with it. Contact us today if you have any questions, and we’d be glad to help!