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Dog Sleep Positions: Interpreting How Your Dog Sleeps

What’s cuter than a sleeping puppy? Whether they’re curled up in a tight ball or lying on their side, they look adorable. But the position your dog sleeps in isn’t just cute—it also says something about them. With this guide on dog sleep positions, you’ll learn to interpret how your dog sleeps!

Cozy and Curled Up

Also referred to as the “donut position,” this sleeping style can imply many things. It may mean your dog is preserving body heat or that they want to protect themselves while they’re sleeping. By sleeping curled up, your pup traps body heat to keep warm and shields their internal organs, which makes them feel less vulnerable.

On Their Back

Has your dog ever fallen asleep on their back with their paws extended in the air? If you’ve witnessed this, you may have wondered how the position is comfortable. Canines often sleep like this because:

  • They feel safe in their environment, so they’re comfortable leaving vulnerable areas exposed.
  • It’s an easy way to cool off, since dogs sweat through their paws.

Dogs’ tummies are also excellent sources of heat. Sleeping curled up keeps them toasty, while exposing their bellies cools them down.

If you have an older pup and they don’t rest like this, don’t fret. This position is less common in older dogs, especially if they’ve developed arthritis.

The Side-Sleeper

Many dogs like sleeping on their sides for the same reason people do: it’s comfy! Puppies and older pups alike can sleep this position comfortably. When canines sleep in this position, it means that they feel safe and that they’re at a comfortable body temperature. Chances are, if your dog sleeps like this a lot, you’ve also witnessed them sleep-running!

All Spread Out

Some dogs sleep all sprawled out on their tummies with their paws extended forward. This is a common position for tuckered-out puppies. Dog experts aren’t entirely sure why dogs sleep in this silly way, but it could mean your dog is high-energy.

These are just some of the many dog sleep positions, and by interpreting how your dog sleeps, you can better understand your furry friend. Some dogs are side-sleepers, while others want nothing more than to cuddle up with you. But no matter what position your pup sleeps in, they know they’re a devoted member of your pack.

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