Dog Training: Correction vs. Punishment

Training your dog is not always easy to do. Although a dog's natural instinct is to please you, they are much like small children. Until they learn what is appropriate behavior and what is not, they simply don't know. Still, it can be very frustrating to be the human in the equation trying to communicate the rules of behavior to your canine. Luckily, the team at Julius-K9 is here to help! There are two basic schools of thought when it comes to dog training – utilizing correction or utilizing punishment.

Training a Dog Through Punishment

Before you get upset that some people utilize punishment to train their dogs, it is essential to point out that punishment does not necessarily have to be negative.

Everyone understands that hitting, spanking, or otherwise physically abusive behaviors are always wrong. These actions are called "aversives", and they include anything that will cause physical pain. Hitting your dog will breed mistrust, may cause your animal to learn fear and aggression – and is, quite simply, cruel.

That being said, there are positive ways to punish a dog for inappropriate behavior, which is humane and non-violent. While aversive methods are virtually never effective, "positive punishment" often does see good results.

Positive ways to punish a dog may include:

  • Using a firm voice to discourage the behavior (do not shout)
  • Timeouts in a crate
  • Not giving treats or taking away their favorite toys or feeding bowl
  • Ignoring the dog, or refusing attention when they act inappropriately

Dog Training Through Correction

Dog owners that use the positive correction method exclusively tend to eschew any type of punishment regimen. Using positive correction assumes that dogs can be taught good behavior by rewarding them every time they act appropriately and that the dog is more likely to do what you wish once it learns that good behavior is rewarded (with a treat, or with your effusive approval.) Conversely, your pup will also learn very rapidly to avoid those behaviors that cause you to take something away from them – your time, their toys, or a favorite snack.

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