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Don’t Look at Your Phone While Walking Your Dog

Don’t Look at Your Phone While Walking Your Dog


Taking our dog on a walk is a daily routine and it is a perfect way to spend time with them. For them, this is not just a potty break, it exercises their mind as well as their body.

Risk of injury or illness

While you are paying attention to your phone and not your adorable dog, they may be doing something that they shouldn’t. For example, eating a piece of food off the ground or gross garbage. It could be filled with chemicals that can be very harmful to your dog, which can lead to rushing them to the veterinarian.

Be aware of your surroundings

Walking in a public place with lots of traffic can be dangerous for you and your pup. By not noticing a stoplight, you and your dog can get hit by a car or you may not notice a cyclist passing by. Many things can go wrong so pay attention.

Quality time

Walks make your dog happy. Have you ever caught your dog looking back lovingly at you during a walk? This shows that they are enjoying this time spent with you. Paying attention to them is a way to let your dog know that you love them.

While walking your dog, I would keep your phone in your pocket and if you need to take an important call that can’t wait, sit down on a bench or stop walking so you can keep an eye on your pup. It’s the perfect time for bonding and to give your attention to your four-legged friend. But think of it this way:  if you are on your phone while walking your dog, you are basically punishing them by not giving them your full attention that they deserve. Try to make all the important calls and reply to messages before taking them outside.