Fall Activities with Your Dog

With the leaves falling and the weather cooling fall brings a bunch of new activities you can do with your dog!

Hike in a new area

The natural changes in the leaves make the scenery more beautiful, and the temperature dropping significantly reduce your dog’s risk of overheating. For extended nature walks we recommend using our IDC® Longwalk Y-Harness, so when you get away from the city you’re not the only one to put on a convenient and healthy gear; you can give your dog the same comfort, too.

Bake pumpkin-inspired treats

With everyone drinking pumpkin spice lattes and eating pumpkin pie, let your dog get a taste of the wonderful fall flavors. Most dogs love the taste of pumpkin, so bake pumpkin treats for them. Pumpkin contains fiber and micronutrients that make it a nutritious food for dogs as well as a superfood!

Play in a pile of leaves

Don't let your dog miss out on this wonderful chance after raking the leaves into a pile. Get in there and have some fun with them! Just make sure they're protected against ticks and fleas and inspect them after to see whether any of the parasites have attached to them.

Snuggle by the fire

Whether you sit by the fireplace inside or outside nothing is better than snuggling together after a long adventurous day and drinking a cup of tea or hot chocolate. If you get in the mood to make smores make sure to keep your dog away from the goodies. Give them some of their favorite treats so they don’t miss out.

Go to a pumpkin patch

Before you take your dog to a pumpkin patch make sure that it is dog-friendly! Your dog can help you pick out a pumpkin for you to take home and while you’re there take a couple of photos of your dog. Have your own little photoshoot!

Play outdoors

Playing outside with your dog can be lots of fun especially if you bring along our Duoplay Ball or the IDC® Neon Fluorescent Ball! Dogs will naturally play and run while being outdoors, but you can make it more interesting by hiding the toy and letting them find it. But make sure you reward them with a treat or a pat on the head to let them know they did a good job. However, if your dog isn’t into searching then stick to playing fetch or whichever game your dog enjoys.