How To Deal With a Dog That Needs Constant Attention

Sometimes, it's nice to enjoy breakfast and a morning cup of coffee without your pup repeatedly nudging you for attention. It's as if your pooch wants to say, "Hey, I'm here! Don't you want to pet me?" While this can be cute at first, it eventually gets bothersome, especially when your dog does it to guests. End this behavior once and for all by discovering how to deal with a dog that needs constant attention.

Ignore Them

This may sound mean, specifically if your dog loves people, but dogs respond to body language, so ignoring them helps them realize their neediness is inappropriate. As you do this, keep in mind that it won't work for all attention-seeking behaviors. Ignore your pup when they:

  • Jump on you or others. This is not an appropriate hello, so pretend the dog isn't there.
  • Pester you during relaxation time. Don't cave when your pup is licking or pawing you.
  • Bark for attention. Giving your dog attention makes them more likely to continue this behavior.

Understandably, you can't ignore all negative behaviors, nor should you. Keep things simple and consistent by having times when you give your pup plenty of love plus moments when you get space.

Reward Positive Behavior

Don't just ignore inappropriate behavior or reprimand naughty things like stealing objects. You also must praise your pooch when they do a good job and act appropriately so that they learn what you expect. Dogs love to please, especially when they're people-lovers.

For instance, if a guest comes to the door and your canine waits patiently to greet them, praise your furry friend. By following this tip, you reinforce good behavior and give your dog that beloved attention as a reward!

Offer More Exercise

As you look around for the various ways to deal with a dog that needs constant attention, you'll find that most experts recommend additional exercise. By going on walks or setting up doggy playdates, you change up what may otherwise be a dull environment.

Your dog may constantly bring their toys to you or otherwise seek attention because they lack proper stimulation. Plenty of puppies often display these behaviors due to age; however, these behaviors shouldn't continue into adulthood if you set expectations.

Pro Pet Tip

Consider signing your dog up for an obedience class or challenge their mind with agility school! Although many canines fear an agility course upon first seeing it, they often grow to love it in no time with help from a trainer. Best yet, agility is a great way for you and your pooch to bond while also being a great outlet for mental and physical exercise!

Julius K9 has everything you need, from K9 tactical harnesses to customizable harness patches. Buy the gear you need to keep your pup in check as you train them to become a little more independent. With plenty of walks and doggy playdates, your pup will quit begging for attention in no time!