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How To Deal With a Dog That Slips Out of Its Collar

As a pet owner, protecting your furry companion is among your many responsibilities. Unfortunately, some dogs are natural escape artists and constantly seem to find ways to escape the collar on walks, but this is dangerous to your dog and others. Luckily, a few tips on how to deal with a dog that slips out of its collar can put an end to this behavior!

Invest in New Gear

Depending on the collar you use, escape may be all too easy for your dog. In the traditional dog collar, a canine can easily slip out by pulling its head back, and this is even easier for pups with a narrow skull shape.

Some canine experts recommend investing in a collar that tightens whenever the pup pulls back, making escape nearly impossible. Similarly, you could invest in a harness or full-body harness since it’s much harder for a dog to slip out of this. Check out Julius K9 for K9 dog collars and harnesses that are durable and comfortable for your dog.

Stimulate Your Dog

Pay attention to your pooch whenever you go on walks and when they begin trying to slip out of their collar. Be reactive with your pup and ask them to “sit,” as this will redirect their attention to you. This is especially helpful with anxious dogs but also with clever dogs constantly searching for mental stimulation.

Walking Properly

If your dog always finds a way to slip out of the collar, then you may want to try changing the way you hold the leash. By having a more secure grasp, it’s harder for your dog to retract. For example, by remaining behind your dog on a walk, you can block their path, preventing them from backing up.

Keeping Your Dog Safe

Buying the right gear and leash training your dog is important, but sometimes the seemingly impossible becomes possible. Because of this, your canine should always wear a collar with identification tags and have a microchip. This way, if your dog escapes the leash or your yard, you can reunite whether a neighbor or other individual finds them.

Pro Pet Tip

While teaching your dog tricks like shake and beg is fun, the most important command is recall. Your pup needs to run to you whenever you call their name. Begin teaching this to your dog in a controlled setting such as your home or yard while remaining nearby. As your pooch grasps the skill, increase the space between the two of you to truly challenge them.

To keep walks enjoyable for both of you, buy the best canine gear at Julius K9. Knowing how to deal with a dog that slips out of its collar prevents your canine from escaping. While some dogs back out of their collars during moments of fear, others do it because of their clever natures. With the right gear and a bit of training, you can rest assured, knowing every walk you take with your pup remains safe.