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How to Have a Safe Halloween with Your Pet

How to Have a Safe Halloween with Your Pet

Halloween is celebrated by children, teenagers, and adults. Fun Halloween activities include dressing up, trick-or-treating, apple bobbing, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, watching horror movies dressing up your pets and more.

Pet owners must take into consideration that just because they are having a blast on Halloween it doesn’t mean their dog is having fun too. It is very important to keep your pet safe on Halloween!

Candy and chocolate 

Chocolate and candy can be very toxic to animals. It can cause your dog to vomit, drool, have an upset stomach, and in worst cases seizures. If you have children at home, explain to them how important it is to keep your pets safe and healthy by not leaving candy on the floor or reachable places for them to find.

Be mindful of costumes 

We have all seen cute costumes at stores that we couldn’t wait to buy and put on our pets. Wearing a costume might be stressful for some of them, the outfit should not restrict your dog's ability to move, see, breathe, or bark. Try putting the costume on and wait a little bit to see if if he enjoys wearing it or not. If it looks like that he is not comfortable in it maybe try buying or making a simple costume that won’t bother him like a colorful bandana or a tiara. 

Noise affects pets 

If you are planning to throw a small costume party with friends and family, make sure that the music isn’t too loud, and your dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable because of the crowd. Not all dogs love to be around many people and if your friends like to scare others for fun be sure to tell them to leave your pup out of it. If you feel like your dog might be left out of the party, ask one of your friends to bring their pet so they can play together and have a party of their own.

Dangerous decorations 

Being aware of dangerous Halloween decorations can help keep your beloved pets safe.  Here are some decorations that you should keep away from your pets!

  • Fake spider webs 
  • Glow sticks
  • Carved pumpkins (they can easily burn themselves, knock it over and cause a fire.
  • Not all pumpkins are edible and if you are not sure then don’t give it to your dog! You don’t want to rush them to the vet. 
  • Creepy sound machines (might frighten your dog) 

Halloween is a fun holiday that everyone should enjoy even your pets!