How To Keep Your Dog From Pulling on Their Leash

How To Keep Your Dog From Pulling on Their Leash

How To Keep Your Dog From Pulling on Their Leash

It can quickly become irritating when your dog continuously tugs on its leash. Discover how to keep your dog from pulling on their leash and gain control over your furry friend—detect the problem, use reinforcement, and purchase a harness. In following these guidelines, your dog will succeed with ease!

Detect the Problem

Understanding why your dog is pulling on its leash is the first critical step to stopping it. For example, the reason could be anxiety or aggression, so read your dog’s body language. An anxious dog may pant, yawn repeatedly, or whine; however, a dog displaying signs of aggression may bare its teeth, growl, or lunge.

As the owner, it’s your job to know what’s wrong, then correct the behavior to ensure your dog is a danger to themselves or others. Moreover, your dog should listen to you—you’re the alpha. In other words, if your dog isn’t suffering from a behavioral problem, they may still require training.

Use Incentives

Use positive reinforcement as you train your dog and be consistent with commands. Walk with a firm grip on the leash to make sure your dog walks alongside you, then use a verbal command like “heel” or “steady” and reward your canine with a treat if they listen. Continue this process on all your walks; however, start in a quiet environment with few distractions to ensure your dog can focus.

Moreover, keep negative reinforcement in mind too. When your dog begins lunging or tugging at the leash, keep a firm grip; don’t give the leash any slack. This shows your four-legged friend who’s boss without punishing them. Raising your voice or using other punishments will hinder the training process, and your dog may end up afraid.

Find a New Harness

A harness is a great training tool because it won’t get tangled around the leash and gives you more control over your dog. Furthermore, a harness helps prevent your dog from pulling because it reduces their power by wrapping around their chest. As such, when you pull back on a harness, it moves your dog's whole body without the risk of injury.

If your dog requires a specialized harness, consider shopping for a working dog harness at Julius K9. These harnesses are specialized, durable, and lightweight. Additionally, they don’t remove mobility.

When considering how to keep your dog from pulling on their leash, remember to evaluate their behavior first. After understanding why your dog is pulling, begin the training process. Lastly, make things safe and easy by investing in a high-quality harness from Julius K9. Before you know it, your dog will happily walk right alongside you!