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How To Keep Your Dog Safe in Your Car

How To Keep Your Dog Safe in Your Car

While driving, it’s not an infrequent occurrence to see dogs riding unrestrained in vehicles. Many dogs are happy to be riding alongside their owner in the front seat or sticking their head out the window to feel the breeze. All the while, riding in such a manner can be a dangerous venture for both your pet and yourself on any given day. Your dog is your best friend and your responsibility. You would never wish any harm to come upon them. Read through this guide on how to keep your dog safe in your car to discover safety recommendations.

Put Them in a Crate or Kennel

Suitable car safety transportation for dogs depends greatly on their size and personality. For smaller dogs, a transport-type carrier may be the finest option for car travel. Your dog has the space and ability to stand and stretch while being contained. To best protect them, a smaller carrier should be placed on the floor behind the front seat. This works great for dogs that get nervous or excited as well. Dogs will be secured and guarded to prevent injuries or running around.

For any larger-sized dogs, a kennel would be the better choice for safety restraining. The kennel can be placed in the back of a more spacious vehicle such as an SUV, truck, or hatchback. Straps and harnesses can help attach them to your vehicle securely. A barrier can also be placed in a vehicle with ample space. While barriers are not the most protective selection available to you, these work well for allowing movement if preferred.

Buckle Them Up

Another viable option is a doggy-style seatbelt. Similar to any human passengers in your vehicle, dogs should be buckled up for their own security. There are a variety of dog safety belts or harnesses that can be worn and attached to a car’s standard seatbelt. Coming in a variety of styles and sizes to adjust to your dog, there are even specific harnesses that attach to belts with connectors. These kinds of handy K9 dog accessories, such as a sturdy mobility control tether for your car, can help in keeping your dog safe and sound.

Make Them Back Seat Riders

Riding in the front seat is never a wise choice for your pet. No matter if the car ride is a long road-trip or a quick jaunt to the park, the superior place for a dog to be is in the back seat. Just as children are to ride in the back, so should your pet. Dogs riding loose in the front can be major distractions or cause accidents by bumping into the steering wheel or foot pedals. Even if they are secured in a crate or carrier, an airbag deploying could be potentially deadly.

Your dog deserves to be treated with tact and care. Knowing how to keep your dog safe in your car makes you a first-rate pet owner. Be a responsible driver by securing your dog and driving safely.