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How to Make Your Balcony Dog-Friendly

How to Make Your Balcony Dog-Friendly


Living in an apartment with a balcony has its perks, both you and your dog can enjoy being outside and relaxing. Here are serval ways you can make your balcony dog-friendly:

Dog-proof your railing

Many railings are designed to keep you safe and not your dog, especially small ones who can easily slip through the railing or get their head stuck. It is extremely important to ensure the safety of your pet in your home by either using wire netting or a bamboo screen.

Grow sprouts

Many dogs like to eat grass while going on a walk. Grass is considered to be beneficial to a dog's digestive health, but it is not particularly nutritional. However, it can be harmful to your dog if it is sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. Instead plant sprouts, which can be grown easily and are a great alternative that are filled with vitamins and minerals. 

Outdoor dog bed

Ensure that your dog has a comfortable spot where he can lay down while you are enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning or a lemonade in the afternoon. During summer provide shade for your furry friend because many of them love to be in the sun but don’t know their limit.

Non-toxic plants

Plants make our balcony look nice and smell wonderful, but if you are considering letting your dog out, here are a couple of plants you should avoid: lilies, aloe vera, sago palms, elephant ear, Chinese evergreen, and pathos. But if you can’t live without plants here are some, which are safe for dogs: blue bird, spider plant, areca palm, African violets, and pansies.

Keep chemicals away

People like to store or leave their sprays and additives laying around the balcony. This can cause lots of trouble if your dog decides to play with them. Make sure you either put them far away where your pup can’t reach or create a safe storage.