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How To Measure Your Dog’s Body for a Harness

Harnesses are known as the safest option to control your dog on walks. Whether you’re a new dog owner purchasing canine equipment, or are simply on the lookout for a new harness for your furry best friend, it’s crucial to have knowledge of how to measure your dog for the best fit.

Canine equipment such as harnesses come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate your dog, so it’s ideal to measure their body first to avoid the need to return or exchange an item. Let’s explore how to measure your dog’s body for a harness based on a few key measurements.

Top-Line or Back Measurement

Many harness companies suggest measuring the chest and neck area, but this measurement also comes in handy. Use a soft tape measure to measure the length of the top line, which is along the top of your dog’s spine from the base of their neck where it joins the body to the base of their tail. Record this length. For harness wear, keep in mind you desire the fit to be snug but not too uncomfortable.

Chest Girth Measurement

After the initial top-line measurement, the circumference of the chest area is next. Measure around the body of your dog, which should start at the bottom of their rib cage and going up and around and then right back to where you started. In order to get the right amount of snugness, use the so-called two-finger rule to slip in two of your fingers between the measuring tape and your dog. This method will give you the most accurate fit.

Neck Girth Measurement

When you are learning how to measure your dog’s body for a harness, a correct measurement of the neck will provide you with the final measurements you need to find the most superb harness for your dog. The neck opening of a harness should ideally sit a few inches behind your dog’s collar. A collar usually sits higher. When you measure your dog’s neck for a harness, wrap the tape around the thickest part, which is the lower neck.

If your dog appears to be in-between sizes based on their measurements, it’s beneficial to go for the larger size. While harness companies advertise harnesses based on weight, it’s crucial to not depend 100% on weight as a size guide. The only conclusive way to fit your dog with good gear is to go by their specific body measurements.

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