How To Put on a Dog Harness the Right Way

How To Put on a Dog Harness the Right Way

Dog owners who find themselves being dragged on daily walks usually turn to the beneficial guidance that harnesses provide. Dog harnesses are suitable for a variety of pups based on their size, temperament, and training needs. There’s certainly more than one option available, and each can be a bit tricky and confusing to initially figure out. Never fear—we’re here to help! Let’s take a closer look at how to put on a dog harness the right way.

Back-Clip Harnesses

Standard harnesses are typically designed with a back clip, which means the leash connects to a clip behind the dog’s head. While this design is similar to a collar, the harness alleviates the strain of pulling. Harnesses are easier to put on when your dog is calm, still, and standing in place. However, to know how to put on a dog harness the right way, you must recognize how they should be put into place based on their design.

Back-clip harnesses are intricate, containing two loops: one that goes across the neck and one that goes across the ribs. To put one on your dog correctly, start by sitting or squatting behind them. The ring to clip the leash should be on the back. You will slip the harness over their head and neck and bring it down to their back. The wider loop goes first and then the alternate loop second. One of your dog’s legs needs to go through the designated hole, and the other will follow on the other side once it is rightly buckled. Both legs should be within the side loops. Be sure to adjust the fit appropriately—not too loose and not too tight.

Front-Clip Harnesses

A front-clip harness is similar to the back clip, except the fact that the D-ring that connects to the leash lies in the front of the harness. These harnesses are wonderful training tools to teach your dog to walk alongside you. If this front-clip harness is the standard style and goes on overhead, you can follow the above instructions. If the front-clip harness is a step-in harness, then follow the instructions in the next section.

Step-In Harnesses

For a step-in harness, the process is a bit simpler as your dog can essentially “step-in” the harness. To do so, place your dog’s paws within the two appropriate loops. Then, you will gently pull up the harness around the front legs to fit on around their body. The side straps will be buckled together on their back. Adjust the fit accordingly for your dog’s security and comfort.

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