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How to Take Great Fall Photos of Your Pet

How to Take Great Fall Photos of Your Pet


Fall is in full swing and everything that comes along with it including the trees changing color, chilly weather, and pumpkin patches so it’s the perfect time to take pictures. Pets are part of the family so it’s no surprise that we want to take lots of photos of them. Although it is pretty hard to get a good picture of them when they’re always moving and playing around. These few tips might just do the trick.

· Pick a place where your dog is comfortable can be themselves 100%, can easily loosen up, and have fun. Take them to a pumpkin patch, the woods, a park, or just your backyard and you will capture your pet’s and nature’s beauty.

· Take into consideration the lighting and background, photograph your dog in natural light. Avoid using flash because it might scare your pet and cause a “green eye” in the photo. Take photos early in

the day or late in the afternoon to avoid outdoor shadows.

· Take pictures from different angles.

· Get your dog to smile by calling their name or favorite word to get their attention, use a squeaky toy, or even treats. If you have a family member or a friend that is willing to help you, you can ask them to hold a toy or treat in the direction where

you’d like your four-legged friend to look.

· Take lots of pictures. The more you take, the better your chances of getting amazing shots.

· You have to be patient. Patience is an important part of taking a great picture of your furry-friend.

· Be creative and have fun! Do something that makes you stand out!

We hope these few tips will help with taking photos of your best bud. Send us some of your favorite fall photos of your dog(s)!