How To Train Your Dog To Walk With a Harness

How To Train Your Dog To Walk With a Harness

All dogs, regardless of their size, age, or personality, should be trained properly to walk on a leash. This isn’t an easy task; for each dog owner will face multiple factors and conditions. If your dog has a repetitive habit of pulling on his leash, there are tricks and tips to learn how to train your dog to walk with a harness. A harness is a popular solution for training a dog to walk correctly while also reducing the strain and stress caused by pulling. Let’s take a closer look at how to use a harness efficiently for training purposes.

Choose the Right Type of Harness

The adjustment from collar to harness is the first step in the process. Harness walking can begin as early as 14 weeks old. Before you take your dog out for a stroll, ensure you have a harness on hand that fits your dog appropriately. The perfect harness should fit comfortably—not too snug or too loose.

Many brands carry a wide variety of harnesses with different designs and styles. The harnesses can attach in the front or back. The ideal harness for training is one that’ll aid in leash management and redirection. Front-attachment is typically the most common harness choice for training.

Practice Walking at Home First

After selecting a good harness, the next step in learning how to train your dog to walk with a harness is to practice at home. This doesn’t necessarily need to be inside your house, but perhaps a backyard or local park free from a large number of distractions. Other dogs and people can be distracting for your dog. During training do your best to ease potential distractions to keep your dog from yanking on the harness. Ensure your dog is fed beforehand so they can focus fully on the task at hand.

Use Techniques and Rewards

Numerous training methods are utilized to acclimate dogs to harness walking. What’s most crucial is to have a bag of treats on hand to reward your dog quickly and effectively. From there, you can use either the heel method, the U-turn method, or the stop-and-go method with cues and commands to train them to stop pulling. Consistent but short training sessions will prove fruitful, resulting with them walking faithfully by your side.

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