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Importance of Walking Your Dog

Importance of Walking Your Dog


How does your dog react when you say the word “walk”? Do they get excited and start to wag their tail? That clearly shows how much they enjoy going outside and can’t wait to explore the world.

There are still restrictions in many counties due to the pandemic. In some places, they only allow you to go outside after a certain time if you have a document that gives you permission (for example because of work) or if you are walking a dog. Now for these people, walking their dog gives them a little more freedom. This is a very difficult time but walking your dog is still important.


Walking your dog is a simple task with many benefits physically, mentally for both you and your dog. Regular exercise helps burn off extra calories, improves the joints and heart health, strengthens bones and muscles, and lowers blood pressure. Walking together strengthens the bond in new ways when experiencing new situations and places.

Get the most out of your walks

Many people take the same route at the same time at the same speed with their dog and even dogs get bored. Here are some ways you can add a little “spice” to your walks to make them more exciting.

· Go up and down in hill and vary your speed but make sure that it’s a comfortable pace for your dog.

· Don’t take sunny days for granted, especially in winter! Even our furry friends enjoy the warmth of the sun.

· Go to new places- the beach, the woods, or fields.

· Practice obedience training

We can all agree that being in the city and being in nature are totally different experiences, some people love walking past buildings and the beautiful city lights while others prefer to connect with nature. Walking your dog in different areas will let them check out new sights and smells.

City walks

There are positives to walking your dog in the city. For you, it’s seeing the beautiful architecture or window shopping and for your dog, it’s being familiar with the busy city life when using public transportation and being engaged in different situations. Walking will not only make the day better for you and your dog but also a person walking past you! It brightens up a person’s day when they see a cute dog walking by.

Tip: For everyday use, we recommend using our IDC®Powerharness to have efficient control during your urban walks!

Nature walks

When you are walking in the heart of nature, the world around you slows down. Not just for you but even for your dog who can let themselves go. The only sounds you hear are the movements of creatures who live there, the wind, rustling trees, and your pooch who is happy you brought them to a peaceful place. When we go on a walk in nature we put on comfortable clothes, it’s important for your dog to wear comfortable gear.

Tip: For extended nature walks, we recommend our IDC®Longwalk Y-Harness, which is designed for the longest journeys.