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Shop Our K9 Dog Harness & Know 3 Factors Behind Drug Dog & Handler Reliability

One key aspect of K9 dog teams is that they need to be able to perform reliably. Their training is being constantly tested in the real world when they are deployed, and a handler that is not trained and tested will cut down on the chance of actually setting up their K0 for further success. All dogs and handlers need to be trained according to the highest standards and certifications prior to deployment in order to ensure that they have the greatest chance of success. Read on to learn more about about the main factors underlying drug dog and handler reliability. After all, the three major factors in the reliability of a K9 drug dog team starts before they are deployed. Julius K-9 is a top provider in the US when it comes to K9 dog harness needs. Call Julius K-9 today for your personalized dog harness orders!

3 Dog and Handler Reliability Factors

There are many factors that go into the training of a drug dog or drug dog team and have a heavy impact on the reliability of dog and handler reliability. Three main factors are especially influential on the success of a drug dog or a drug dog team, and it is impossible to achieve the results that you want unless all three of these factors are present in their training. It is important for any k9 dog team to have their training based off of these factors even before they are deployed in the field so that they are able to deliver a high rate of success and contribute to society.

  • Selection Of The Dog- Each dog has their own unique set of personality and physical traits and characteristics. This is why it’s so essential, not only in training but also in deployment, to pick the right job for the dob. The general public see drug dogs on television and think that any K9 who has a sniffer is able to locate drugs. While this may be partially accurate, it is crucial that the dog is trained properly and has the right demeanor in order to be a real asset to the dog team and to their mission at hand. 
  • Training Of The Dog- Foundational dog training should be at the core of any canine drug dog and dog handler training programs. The core values that the training follows upon should be curriculum-based, detailed, warrantied, and tested for the real world. It’s important to not assume that there are perfect dogs. Training and testing modules are necessary in dog training to help identify what the dog does well and where it needs work, such as the dog needing a personalized dog harness. These issues should be fixed so that they are able to perform at their peak level.

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  • Dog Handler Training- Lastly, it is the job of the handler as much as the dog to ensure mission success. As a core belief, it is important for knowledge and direction to flow down the leash, not up it- even if the dog is on a verbal leash. Every handler who works with their dogs must be trained and tested through both classroom and “real life” situations in order to make sure that they are just as prepared as their dog partner to  complete their mission. Dog handler training needs to be centered around the training-testing method, where handlers are trained to know and tested to grow their skills.

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Proper dog and handler training are essential components of a K9 team. Julius K-9 is a top provider of K9 dog harness needs in the US. Call Julius K-9 today for your personalized dog harness!