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K9 Training: Dos and Don'ts

K9 Training: Dos and Don'ts

Police officers in the field often require a special kind of companion to execute specific complicated tasks out of reach for humans. That’s the scenario where the agility and natural skill of canines come in handy. Police dogs usually come from a traditional generational line that possesses fitting qualities to do the job, which is regularly reserved to breeds of the like of German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. As expected, before going on duty, the dog must complete and approve the meticulous and rigorous K9 training needed to serve the law. In the US, Julius-K9 is selling the best harness for dogs doing K9 work. Given the popularity of our products in this field, we are sharing these useful back lining and training information. 

What Are the Common Tasks Executed by the K9 Workforce?

Police dogs are typically used to perform these tasks while patrolling the streets: 

  • Apprehension. The dog follows the command to bite the dangerous suspect when the later refuses to surrender. 
  • Search and rescue missions. In this case, the canine plays a central role in looking for and finding lost victims with precision. 
  • Detection of substances & explosives. The training secures the dog is capable of detecting illicit and harming substances and explosives.

What Are the Dos and Don’ts of K9 Training? 

The long and rigorous training procedure has several phases, targeting obedience, endurance, and agility. A critical factor in the completion of the course is having the handler joining the process to reach the maximum capacities.

The training assures the dog is capable of: 

  • Follow commands obediently 
  • Have the strong physicality to face rush situations
  • Develop the senses needed to detect or find a target.

Teaching the dog to bark only when needed and addressing the right person is crucial. Otherwise, when active in the field, barking at the wrong tree or out of time can deviate the attention of the suspect, victim, and police officer. Using specially structured hand gestures the dog comprehends is a secure practice to avoid these kinds of mishaps. 

The training benefits significantly from having the right gear for the dog. In the US, Julius K9 sells the best harness for dogs designed to complete this challenging training and move on into the working field.

When Should the Police Dog Act?

K9 dogs must act upon following the announcements made by the law enforcement authority, which begins by self-identifying to the suspect (police, sheriff), asking for a peaceful surrender, and stating the consequences of not doing it (direct call for the K9 action).    

These K9 announcements were put into effect after a series of events led to the interference of the regular course of the case.

In the US, there are 9 cases ruling the use of the K9 workforce against suspects, prior warning.

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