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Choosing The Right Small or Large Dog Harness

There are many reasons that a dog owner may choose to move from collar to harness. These factors include making the change for comfort, medical issues, behavior problems, sports, cld weather, or potty training. There are many reasons that you can choose a harness for your dog over a collar. Using a harness rather than a collar is also highly recommended for dogs whose job it is to guide the blind people or for physical support. Moreover, dog owners will need a harness for their puppy in the event where they get time and decide to take it for a housebreaking following a lot of time spent indoors. Regardless of the reason for getting a harness, there are many options that are available, and choosing the right harness for your dog can be tough and confusing. Read on to learn more about choosing a small or large dog harness from Julius K-9. Julius K-9 is a top provider of canine products in the US. If you’re looking for a “dog harness near me,” contact Julius K-9 today!

Measurements and Material

Firstly, you need to make sure that the measurements of the harness are accurate for your pet. The best choice is to have them especially fitted for your dog. You can look online for “dog harness near me” or check on Julius K-9 for the harnesses! Before making the order, you can make sure that the measurements are accurate in order to get a harness that your dog can be comfortable in. Use a flexible measuring tape or string to measure your dog, check at least another time for accuracy, and then provide the average to the dealer. The sizes that you will need to measure for are:

  • Girth- the circumference of the dog near the front legs at the protuberant area of chest
  • Length- base of the tail to bottom of the neck
  • Sternum to shoulder- distance of the sternum to the small dip on the dog’s back between shoulder blades
  • Height- distance from the top of the shoulder to the floor

The material of the harness is generally made out of nylon or other synthetic materials, with nylon being the least expensive and leather generally being the most expensive. Leather can be more suitable for aggressive or large dogs since it is stronger than nylon.

Picking A Small Or Large Dog Harness

You can also consider getting an adjustable harness. These types of harnesses are generally the best option if you have a puppy that is still growing, as your dog may lose weight or gain some muscles. You will probably need an adjustable one for a small puppy that is still learning how to use the bathroom, since the puppy will probably pull, so as to make sure that it does not cause discomfort around the chest.

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It’s important to choose the right small or large dog harness for your pooch. If you are looking online for a “dog harness near me,” Julius K-9 is a top provider of dog harnesses in the US. Call Julius K-9 today for your canine product needs!