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Leash Training & Other Ways To Prevent Losing Your Dog

Leash Training & Other Ways To Prevent Losing Your Dog

If you’re the proud new parent of a furry companion, then you may have more energy on your hands than you know what to do with, and leash training may seem like a daunting task. It’s ultimately an important task, though, and training your pup with a leash is one of the best ways to avoid any potential lost dog scenarios. We at Julius-K9 are an outfitter of dog equipment that offers gear like the best harness for dogs on our online store for shoppers across the US. We also know a lot about dog training, and our products are proudly used by many police dogs across the country. We want to take a moment to share with you what we know about leashes and training so that you never have to worry about losing your furry friend.

Training Your Dog on the Leash

A leash seems pretty simple. You link it to your dog’s collar and suddenly they can only go so far, right? Well, that’s mostly true, but there are some details we need to discuss. For many dogs, a comfortably-fitting collar is one that can wrestle out of, and if that happens, they can make a run for it and get lost without any way to identify them. While it’s not likely in most cases, it’s something that you should always be prepared for as a dog parent. This is where leash-walking manners come into play.

Developing good leash manners involves a few key steps to establishing positive reinforcement with your dog, the leash, and their leash manners. First are the tools. Many dog parents will use retractable leashes nowadays, but these aren’t actually all that great. Instead, we recommend the no-pull harness that prevents your pup from pulling you without yanking at their neck or potentially injuring you or them. Next, we recommend using clicker training with treats to instill that positive reinforcement.

Start by rewarding your dog for wearing the leash and harness and allow them to become comfortable with them by wearing them around the house. Once you get outside, however, the multitude of worldly distractions can be a lot to manage. You want to focus on rewarding good behavior--that is to say, your pooch walking calmly beside you. Walk slowly with your dog, and if they start to pull you, stop or change directions. Use the clicker and reward your dog once they return to your side. You may also want to reward your pup when they look at you and wait for you. Committing to these tactics will reward you with a well-mannered dog.

Why Leash Training is Important

According to the ASPCA, approximately 10 million pets go missing every year in our country. That is an alarming metric. Fortunately, this does include pets that were found and rightfully returned home, but it’s heart-breaking to think of all those that couldn’t find their way home. Their fate was likely bleak, lacking the proper skills to survive in the wild. This fate doesn’t have to be the fate of your companion, though. Training your dog with a leash is a great step, but it’s a great idea to take other measures just in case.

Make sure your dog is always wearing their nametag and rabies tag which can be used to identify you and your dogs veterinarian should someone find your pup. You may also want to get your dog microchipped. There’s not much they can do if they slip out of their collar, so having this as a backup to your backup solution is a worthwhile choice.

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